Sunday, October 21, 2012

outweighing tiredness.

ah! a whole week has come and gone,
and i only managed to post a couple of times.
life was awfully crazy this past week.
we, as ballerina's call it: "theater week."
meaning, we live at the theater for the week.
nothing but dress rehearsals, make-up and tiredness. 
i debated moving an air mattress into my dressing room-
i was that tired at the end of each night.
{which explains the lack of blog posts. ops!}

on top of many hours at the theater,
being a mum to our new pup was quite tiring in itself.
if i wasn't out walking him or playing with him,
i was spending all my minutes thinking about {and adoring} him.
or... worried that he was okay in his kennel all alone at home.
puppies are the best thing in the world- hands down.
but, they do take tiredness to a new level. 

lastly, on top of all of that, my parents came into town on thursday.
it's always the biggest treat when they visit.
they met their first grandson {aka our pup},
went to my performance {they've always been my number one fans},
and we all enjoyed a day in gorgeous yosemite.

it was a week to remember.
nothing beats the thrill of performing,
hugs from your parents {who live too far away},
and cuddling a ball of soft puppy fur. 
every ounce of tiredness was forgotten thanks to these great things.
happiness is love, life and family.
{and of course- husbands, ballet and puppies.}

hope you had a lovely weekend.
i'll be catching up {on lots} of your fun posts from last week.

{picture above: courtesy of milano photography}


  1. Ah! This picture is beautiful!! I would love to see you perform! I think you are living my dream life as a ballerina! =)

  2. sounds like a crazy week, instead of dancing and puppies i had tons of projects, papers and tests. no fun. haha. but the weekend is always a blessing. so glad you got to see your parents.
    now get some rest!


  3. Wow, what a crazy week! You look like a beautiful dancer!

  4. i'm so glad your parents were in town..that is the best! glad you are loving the pup! we need to make it to yosemite soon! XO

  5. Life as a ballerina sounds exhausting...gloriously exhilarating yet exhausting!! Have you guys landed on a name yet for mr. pup??

  6. lovely photo! hope you get some rest you do sound very busy

  7. Hi, I would love to swap buttons if you are interested :) ~Pam

  8. Such a beautiful picture! Wow!

  9. I love this post and your blog, I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes