Thursday, October 11, 2012

fall is outside. I am {stuck} inside.

yesterday and today are the first days that finally feel like fall.
ironically, i'm stuck indoors; 
still, sick as can be.
which, got me thinking that maybe this sickness came as a punishment.
due to my constant complaints of it being too hot,
still feeling like summer,
not being able to wear fall clothes....
i've concluded, that when fall finally decided to make an appearance,
it reprimanded me for doubting that it was indeed really coming. 
punishment? a nasty cold. 

however, after being glued to my bed all day yesterday, 
{literally, i did not move for hours straight}
lovebird decided i needed to step outside and get a breath of fresh air.
so, that i did. 
we took a little walk around our complex,
and when i turned the first corner i was greeted by a lovely sight.
it took my breath away.
suddenly i realized how easy it is to take the things right in front of you for granted.
it's funny how being sick gets you thinking about these sorts of things.
being healthy, breathing fresh air, 
being able to dance, having strength,
kissing lovebird, enjoying a good night's sleep,
 having a busy day and tasting food.
all of these every day tasks i suddenly haven't been able to do for the last couple days,
as really made me appreciate them and their important role in my life.

not to get all cheesy on you or anything-
just stating my love for a healthy life and recognizing how lucky i am to have one. 
and even though i've been stuck indoors....
i plan on enjoying every minute of this fall weather that just arrived
 the second i feel healthy and like myself again. 

two lessons learned:
1. never complain, or you'll get sick.
2. don't take the little things in life for granted. 


  1. Great lessons! I'm trying to do better on not complaining. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. get well soon! and come play with us soon! xo

  3. Newest follower!

  4. God's creation is gorgeous :) Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Beautiful is so true. That photo is just GORGEOUS, so glad you got to go out and catch that. It's amazing the things in life that get us to appreciate what we have and to learn lessons. I hope you feel better very soon.

  6. love this sweet and simple post. it is so true! beautiful picture. xox

  7. So true - taking things for granted is the first step into bitterness. (you can quote that, if you want) :)

  8. It sucks to get sick when you get excited for nature, I feel you. Hope you get better soon. Everything you write is so true unfortunately, because we need to hear something bad to remind we're not the person experiencing it or to be in a bad situation in order to feel grateful for everyday.
    Happy official Fall :)

  9. If only we could remember these things before we get sick so we don't need that reminder. But they are good reminders definitely. I love that sunset! So glad for the little things. :)
    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  10. isn't it funny how things are put back into perspective for us might quickly at times like that?
    i hate it, but sometimes it is good in the end. it helps to have a wonderful husband!

    i hope that you are feeling better when the sun comes up!

  11. Life is like that song: Isn't It Ironic? Cutest blog ever! You and your hubby sound so in love. Thanks for stopping by my blog.