Wednesday, October 10, 2012

cold buster.

sick as a dog.
woke up with an awful case of the ugly cold bug that is going around.

so, for the next few days i'll be taking it easy.
most likely laying in bed,
drinking lots of water {per lovebird's request},
eating chicken noodle soup,
reading and studying,
and sneezing a billion times.
{i've lost count already, as it is.}

i hope your wednesday is full of healthiness. 
please go enjoy the lovely fall weather for me, since i can't.
i'm hoping for a speedy recovery-
because now isn't the ideal time for a cold.
isn't that always how it goes though?
you always get sick at the worst possible time in life.
i'm determined to kick this cold before my parents come 
to visit and my big show next weekend. 
i can do this, yes i can. 
happy, healthy thoughts. 

p.s. anyone a firm believer in the "cold buster" from jamba juice? 
please, say yes.
i gave it a try last night... i'm waiting patiently for it to work it's magic. 


  1. feel better soon!

  2. Zinc! But it really works best when you take it right when you feel a cold coming on. All of the other stuff isn't proven to do much. Love ya! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you start feelin' better! I've never had the cold buster, but it sounds yummy :) Have you ever tried Emergen-C? I had that the week before my wedding. Miracle worker.

  4. Sad to hear you are sick!

    My go-to thing is Ginger Tea. It never fails me. And it's so easy too. All you need is hot water, fresh ginger, lemon and honey.

    Hope you will feel better soon!

  5. Lots and lots of rest, vitamin C, and water! Hope you feel better very soon!!!

  6. i'm a firm believer in honey/lemon/ginger tea when i'm sick. hope you feel better soon!

  7. Just got over being sick---it's seriously the worst. I hope you feel better sooooon!!