Friday, October 5, 2012

five senses.

{this week's five senses:}
taste: pumpkin frozen yogurt.
i'm currently addicted, 
and plan on it being that way for another two months.

see: did you watch the presidential debates?
is sure hope so.
our future is in the hands of one of these two gents.

smell: a pair of new pointe shoes.
{this may seem totally bizarre to a "non-ballerina".}
but, nothing is better than the smell of brand new shoes;
untouched by sweaty feet and smelly toe-pads.
gross, right?
well, now you know why i love new shoes. 

hear: a little birdie told me it's finally going to start cooling down this weekend.
please tell me you heard the same thing?
it's been far too hot for october.
{100 degree weather is meant for summer, not fall.} 
besides, i'm extremely eager to wear fall clothes-
so sunshine, please take a nap now.

touch:a simple touch, in itself.
that feeling when lovebird touches my hand unexpectedly,
and suddenly i feel safe, comforted and 
most of all... in love.  

happy friday.
hope all of your senses come alive this weekend.


  1. Taste: bacon & tomato sandwiches.
    So simple and so delicious with toasted bread and some miracle whip.
    See: New Girl.
    Another hilarious episode. So funny that I watched it two nights in a row.
    Smell: The brisk morning air.
    It always makes me nastalgic for my high school pep rally days when we would meet at the gym early to make sure everything was prepared.
    Hear: Lemme See by Usher.
    I love that song and it was most played in my running mix this week.
    Touch: My hair.
    I love touching it and playing with it when I curl it like I did today.

  2. pumpkin frozen yogurt!!??? that sounds delicious! need to find me some :)... and the smell of new pointe shoes..ooh! I really miss that, I agree with you!

    happy friday love bird!

  3. Oh how I miss new pointe shoes! I loved getting them and sewing em all up and breaking them in before they wreak of sweat and toe pads lol.

  4. Haha that picture is too funny! Oh politics!

  5. I LOVE the smell of new pointe shoes (the only downside is having to break them in)!

  6. Dew and I already decided we are going to get frozen yogurt tonight so that I can get pumpkin :) Of course, he will just get a gallon of chocolate with every chocolate topping available. Wish you and Joel could come and we'd get Greek!!

  7. This is such a creative series. I love it!! Go Romney:)

  8. we need to hangout ASAP! we kind of sort of live in the same place! Seriously! Let's get in touch and become bff's!

  9. we need to hangout ASAP! we kind of sort of live in the same place! Seriously! Let's get in touch and become bff's!

  10. I had a pumpkin shake from Arctic Circle yesterday that was just SO delicious! Loving all the pumpkiny ness! :) I heard it was supposed to cool down too...crossing my fingers!

  11. I'm eager to wear fall clothes too! Can't wait to get my boots out! :)

  12. Such a beautiful written post, totally exciting for all five senses :)

  13. Oh girl...soak in that warmth! We are expecting snow this week....BOOO! And, I totally know what you mean about the new shoe smell:)