Tuesday, October 9, 2012

say it loud, say it proud.

happy tuesday.
{already..? wow}
monday managed to escape far too quick,
which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
yesterday was jam packed with two test at school
 and 7 hours of dance.
it was a loooong day to say the least,
which is why i'm surprised it seem to pass so quickly.
maybe it was the weekend that seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye...?
don't they always, though?

my weekend was a lovely one.
lovebird and i spent a good amount of time snuggled up on
our couch watching this all weekend long.
we had a splendid time with one another as we 
deepened our understanding of our beliefs.
we also gained a momentum for every day life, 
which always seems to accompany conference sessions.
{thank goodness it comes around twice a year.}
we woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated;
with so many goals and happy thoughts in our minds. 
every day, but especially today, i am proud to say that...
"i am a mormon. i know it, i live it and i love it."

i sure hope you had an uplifting weekend yourself.
i'm anxious to play "catch-up",
and read about all of your fun adventures, while stalking your awesome pictures.