Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my happy list.

list of my happy things {as of late}... 
1. patterned jeans. 
2. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
3. the way lovebird talks to our puppy. he's smitten.
4. 3 day visits from my parents- that end up turning into a whole week.
5. brick red lipstick or a simple nude. polar opposites, i'm aware. 
6.  letters from a missionary. 
7. late night talks with lovebird about our future- the unknown.
8. grandma's watches; my favorite kind of vintage.
9. all things puppy: fur, kisses, nap-times and that distinct puppy smell.  

what's on your list? do share.


  1. My list: safety and warmth in my apartment during Hurricane Sandy, the perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of creamer, happy Halloween parties with kiddos looking cute, and finally getting to catch up on blogs and books and tv during my day off!

  2. Mowgli is so cute that I even had a dream that I found a dog that looked just like him. haha.

    My list:
    dancing: pole or bodyjam, curled hair, boots, twilight saga movie marathon with friends, two stepping, halloween costumes (except for the scary ones), baking, hot chocolate, runs in the crisp fall air.

  3. love this, your puppy is the cutest. cant blame your hubby or you or anyone for just loving him.

    my list:
    fall, my cute hubby, my heating blanket, cuddles, my camera and cocoa motion. haha.


  4. all things puppy really are the best :)

  5. This list makes me happy! Your pup is adorable.

    The crisp cool air outside makes me happy. And boots and leggings and sweaters and hot chocolate :)


  6. Oh yes to the cookies. My husband has been asking me to make these. :)

  7. Thank you for the kind words on our blog :)

  8. Mmm puppy kisses and furry cuddles:) simply the best!

  9. O.m.g. you are the cutest couple I've ever laid eyes on & I love your blog. Thanks for giving me a great new read to favorite! I'll be back for sure!! :]

    Brani Laine

  10. I love bright red lipstick--I don't think I could ever pull off nude! And those talks about the future...both enjoyable and occasionally a little nerve-racking, just because we so don't know where we're going!

  11. i love number 7. there is something so wonderful about late nights with the husband discussing out future. I also love to look back on those conversations and see how things really turned out and if it was what we expected! love your blog!:)

  12. I can relate to the lipstick choices :) Lovely post - I was smiling and nodding to every point you made. Just last night, my boy and I were having a chat over wine (gorgeous and rare moment of peace and calm) discussing our future too...as you said, the unknown. But exciting :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I've enjoyed reading through your latest posts this morning. Hopefully we can follow each other too?
    Looking forward to checking back soon. x

  13. So cool that you have your grandmother's watches! And I am dying to try red lipstick. I love the way it looks but i don't knw if I'm brave enough!