Monday, November 19, 2012

dreaded day.

this is me today:

i'm sitting here, already unmotivated to push through these next three days.
and that's the funny thing, it's just three days.
it could be due to the fact that i have:
tons of studying to do, tests to take,
hours upon hours of rehearsals 
and a whole lot of cleaning to do before the thursday rolls around. 

what is it about the days right before a holiday, that always make them go so slow. 
is it the anticipation?
the work load that magically grew overnight? 
or the fact that you just plain wish the holidays were here already?

i'm certainly not trying to be a debby-downer today,
i'm just wishing thanksgiving was this very minute.
my mouth is watering for every single dish, because they are all my favorite.
my muscles are begging for a break from rehearsals,
my brain is ready to explode with information- i can't retain anymore,
and the lingering piece of my cold is in need of some extra sleep to fight it away.

is anyone with me today?
please, tell me you are.

on a happier note- hope you had a lovely weekend.
{we sure did.}
here's to: motivation to get us through these next three days- we can do it!
cheers to defeating mondays and three day work weeks.

p.s. on an even happier note- today marks my 1/2 birthday. 
i just may have to celebrate with a little dessert. 


  1. I'm totally with you girlie! So not looking forward to work, BUT Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!:)


  2. hang in there girl! 3 more days!

  3. I also had a lovely weekend, but I'm dragging today too. I have been sick for a couple of weeks now, and just can't shake it! After a couple OTC meds as well as some antibiotics, you would think I'd be all good now. But NO! This guy is still sticking around, and I'm trying desperately to give him the boot...

  4. I had a lovely weekend, but I'm totally with you today. At least there are only 3 days left until turkey day!

    Happy 1/2 birthday to you today! I always love celebrating my 1/2 birthday too :-) (Go have a cupcake or something to make you smile!)

  5. It's always easier to get through when there's an end point. Here's to Thursday! x

  6. amen sister! i am SOOO ready for thanksgiving! xox