Friday, November 16, 2012

hello from mowgli.

a small post today, written by mowglie:

things i love: 
ice cubes, exploring, puppy treats, socks and my red spiky ball.
i could play fetch all day long. 

things i hate: 
the vacuum cleaner, getting my nails clipped and taking a bath.  
{you should hear me scream when i'm in the bath tub. literally, scream.}
you still don't believe me? here is proof we shiba's have a scream. 

things that scare me: 
paper grocery bags, the blender and tin foil. 
{my owners even put a puppy treat on a grocery bag, and i wouldn't go near it.}

things i can't live without:
my leash, snuggles from my owners and my puppy chow, of course.

things i have yet to figure out:
why i get in trouble for peeing on the carpet, 
{i've only done it a few times- cut me some slack!}
what it means when my owners say "heel",
and what the crazy-loud machine in my kitchen is doing. 
{why is it growling at me? i sit an wonder the whole time.}

i'm a happy pup,
wishing you happy friday.


  1. Well what a cutie patootie! :)

  2. awww you're just the cutest. piri can relate mowgli. he hates bathroom too! :)

  3. SO cute.. you're making me want a puppy more and more!!!! now if only our apartment would allow it!

  4. mowgli is so cute (and he looks so soft too)!

  5. Aww!! I love this post, Mowgli you adorable, lovely creature!

  6. Seriously sooooo cute!!! Love your blog by the way :)

  7. Love him!!! So cute! Our boxer hates the vacuum cleaner too!

  8. You've got such an adorable blog here! And your dog is just the cutest!!

    I'm definitely following you :)


  9. the photo of mowglie sitting on the desk is cracking me up!