Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a vacation to the land of sweets.

.....and this is why i've been on a forced vacation from the blog.
nutcracker season devours every minute of every day.
it's over now; which is always bittersweet.
bitter: because as much work as it is, it is so fun to dance, perform,
and spend loads of time with dear friends cooped up in one small dressing room.
sweet: nutcracker being over, means going home {utah} for christmas,
time with family and friends, and time to relax my sore, sore muscles. 
so, now i'm here today, enjoying time off in the company of loved ones.
what could be better? nothing. 
i hope to be more on top of posting, 
however, now i'm really on vacation- so i can't make any promises. 

i hope you all had a lovely christmas.
we sure did.
this time of year is seriously splendid. 

{photo credit: milano photography}


  1. I saw the Nutcracker last was magical!

  2. That's you! You look beautiful! Merry Christmas!

    Ashley @

  3. This picture is awesome!!! You look great.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. I saw the nutcracker in my hometown and it was beautiful! What an amazing thing to be a part of :) Happy holidays :)

  5. What a great job!! I've always wanted to see the nutcracker, maybe next year :)

  6. ah, i love the nutcracker (:

    glad to hear that you had a lovely holiday. enjoy your much deserved break from it all!


  7. Wow! thats a great pic!
    Maybe you have time to read our much awaited post: New Year's Party Guide

    Chic Factor Team