Monday, December 31, 2012

long winter's nap

the holidays are for lounging, resting and relaxing right?
that's what mowgli seems to think.
but, we don't mind one bit, because our exhausted school brains
and sore ballet muscles are accepting every ounce of rest they can get. 

mowgli met so many people at lovebird's family's christmas party-
it took the energy right out of him.
he managed to crash right in front of the christmas tree, 
not minding the big red bow we tied on him.
he was in for a long winter's nap.
it's a tuff life, when you are the center of attention-
having everyone awing over your cuteness,
petting you at every chance and playing with you endlessly.
he is certinaly spoiled.
i'm not sure lovebird and i can give him nearly as much love, 
 as all of his adoring fans, friends and family are giving him, 
when we go back home.

a few things are for certain:
we love mowgli, christmastime and long winter naps. 

oh, and mowgli has decided this is his favorite time of year too-
he can't seem to get enough of the snow.
in between his naps, he joyfully pounces in the snow.
it's like pulling teeth to get him to come back inside. 

obviously, we are all completely satisfied with how this christmas break is going.
hope you enjoy your last day of 2012!
see you in the new year!


  1. Such a cute picture! I've been wanting to take my pup to the snow to see what she would think of it!

  2. so cute. love mowgli. i want to steal him!
    and my brain is so dead, until next week of course.
    hope you have a fantastic new year!


  3. Awe, what a little sweetheart! Happy New Years!! ♥

  4. So cute! Mowgli is just plain adorable. Hope you have a great New Year!

  5. Oh my gosh this is too cute! Please can I meet Mowgli before you go home?!

  6. seriously this picture is amazing! cutest pup ever.

  7. so precious!!! My Cats name is Mowgley! :)

  8. LOVE that picture of your pup, so sweet!