Monday, December 10, 2012


be a dreamer.
dreams are the backbone to life-
without dreams, goals and aspirations our life would be empty.
so, dream away.
make life count by following your dreams;
you'll then live with no {or fewer} regrets. 

it's been a dream of mine, to be a ballerina, since i can remember.
{tutus, the color pink, performing, bouquet of roses... the whole enchilada.}
i followed my dream, when those have told me to stop.
the moments when i'm performing, make me feel like i'm actually in a dream.
my parents, and now lovebird, have always supported this dream of mine.
i suddenly feel like it's not a dream anymore; but rather real life.
i'm truly living a dream.
my heart is overjoyed knowing i get to perform the nutcracker all month long.
yes, this involves the tutus, the pointe shoes, the color pink in all it's glory...
but, the thing that excites me the most, is knowing that 
i have followed this dream.
a dream that so long ago felt so unattainable.
also, that i get to share the stage with those who have the same dream,
as well as, share this dream of mine to those who come to watch.
i'm especially grateful for this dream, during this season of giving. 
quite ironic that, the nutcracker is based off of clara's dream-
a dream so magical and full of fantasy.
and that's when it hit me, that 
my life as a ballerina is just as magical.


  1. What lovely words and thoughts. As a mum of an 11 year old daughter, this is exactly what I am always telling her. I tell her to make the most of every living second and to follow her dreams. Thank you for sharing your post, I shall definitely be showing my daughter it.

  2. you are so that you're a ballerina and we seriously want to come see you perform!!!!

  3. I love that you followed your dreams! A lot of times dancers get discouraged (me haha) and don't follow their dreams because of things people in their life may think. Good for you for following your dreams instead of listening to all those who said you couldn't do it! =)

    I wish I lived in Nor Cal so I could come see your Nutcracker performance!

  4. I love that you get to live your dream every day. You are gorgeous in and out, and I love this post!
    Thank you for sharing!
    xo TJ

  5. Awesome quote! You are living dream - so awesome! x

  6. wow beautiful , I love this inspirational post xx

    happy holidays!