Friday, December 7, 2012

picture of the week.

this picture sums up this week perfectly:
-there's always time for puppy snuggles, now matter how busy one might be.
-my hair managed to master one hairstyle this week: the effortless and messy topknot.
-no makeup besides a bold lip color is an easy go to look. {this lipstick in "so chaud"}
-wearing glasses is mandatory when you have to stare at text books all day long.
-the puppy mom in me wants to cry, because mowgli is growing up too fast.
-scarfs make everything better, including your outfit.
-our dog is camera shy. proof above, as well as in every other photo we take of him.

i'm hoping you've all had a lovely week.
thank goodness the weekend is here, right?
i plan on rehearsing, studying and preparing for our guests to arrive next week.
i'm certain your plans are far more exciting than mine... so, please share.
cheers to it being friday.
also, cheers to all the cups of eggnog that have gotten me through the week. 



  1. We took Christmas pictures last night and our puppy did not want to cooperate! She kept looking away from the camera and trying to jump out of our arms, little rascal!

  2. such a sweet photo of you and mowgli! have a great weekend!

  3. awww your puppy is so lovable! cuddly! enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  4. So happy to be one of your guests coming! I hope this week flies!

  5. You pull off the lipstick only look well. Certainly much better than I ever could!

  6. i just stumbled across your blog and i absolutely love it! i am your newest follower and i just grabbed your button :)

    i'm a newbie blogger so i would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog :)
    thank you so much!


  7. He looks like a wolf! Such a lovely blog, glad I found it. xoxo

  8. Oh wow! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL blog you have! The layout is gorgeous and the content is divine. You are so lucky to have such a lovely dog - you two look absolutely wonderful together.

    Thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love your blog and am following you now!

    Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  9. you're beautiful. and he is just too much. and, my gilly is camera shy, too. and it's hard watching them grow up so darn fast! it needs to stop.

  10. have i ever told you how much i adore your hair color.
    + your ability to pull of E V E R Y single color?
    girl, you be slammin!
    i am loving the lipstick only look as well.