Monday, December 3, 2012

greetings in december.

goodbye november. hello december.
goodbye turkeys. hello santas.
goodbye pumpkin orange. hello cranberry red.
goodbye any second of freedom. hello to studying for finals.
goodbye sunny days. hello rainstorm after rainstorm.
goodbye bright red lips. hello to this deep red lip stain. {color:"stay currant"}
goodbye moccasins. hello rain boots.
goodbye to joel's job at apple. hello to a new internship.
goodbye rehearsals upon rehearsals. hello nutcracker performances
goodbye empty house. hello visitors. 
goodbye to warm spicy smells. hello to this candle- my absolute favorite.
goodbye to a little mowgli. hello to him growing up too fast.
goodbye to a jam-packed schedule. hello to some much needed time off.
goodbye california. hello utah. {going home for the holidays}
goodbye to having self control. hello to these delicious things. so addicting. 
goodbye all things pumpkin-y. hello all things pepperminty. 
goodbye wintery dry skin. hello to this life saver of a lotion.
goodbye missing you like crazy. hello to getting to talk to you on christmas. 
goodbye empty apartment space. hello to our christmas tree.
goodbye to the want for family time. hello to being home for the holidays.
goodbye silence. hello to the always playing christmas carols.
goodbye pumpkin spice. hello egg nog. 
goodbye to my bad habit of always wanting. hello to the season of giving.
goodbye to the worries in life. hello to holiday cheer in the air.  
goodbye to being naughty. hello to being nice.
goodbye november. hello december.

what do your goodbye's and hello's consist of this month?
do share with me, please. leave your link below.
happy december.  


  1. have a wonderful december! and best wishes to your nutcracker performances. my husband and i are actually catching a nutcracker performance here in dc this saturday :)

  2. how adorable are you guys? love this photo & hello goodbye stuff. so cute!

  3. Great photo! Break a leg on your performances!

  4. i am obsessed with these posts of yours..and with how pretty you are in that picture!! yay for december! xo

  5. I absolutely love your Goodbye/Hello posts! They're always so dang cute. I'm definitely going to copy cat this sometime!

  6. UM that photo?! Dead! You guys are sooo cute!

  7. I use the same lotion--LOVE IT! Got it because it was on sale at our new and lovely Walmart, and so happy I did. Can't wait to see you over Christmas!!!

  8. Yay, I remember this picture from your last years Christmas card. Is that creepy? But I absolutely love it! You are just too adorable, girl!
    xo TJ

  9. i'll leave a couple for you >>
    good bye procrastination - - hello snailmail for elase.
    good bye crazy busy november- - hello red/green full bags of spk's, christmas lights + relaxing nights.

    this picture. are you serious? i am dying, you two. so dang cute!
    you are sincere, i love that about you!

  10. Awww such a cute blog! I'm your newest follower. Would you like to follow me back? :)

    xx Olivia

    Olivia's choice

  11. That is possibly one of the cutest pictures I have EVER seen!!

  12. I LOOOOVE that picture!!!
    Goodbye food. Hello food. ;)
    Goodbye fall decor. Hello Christmas tree.


  13. love this, every time! and that photo is ADORABLE. You two are such a cute couple. :)
    Here's my goodbye-hello post! :)

  14. So much cute! I adore that photo, and I love every bit that you listed here! As much as I love November (I love it a ton!) I love December that much more! And December always goes by too fast.