Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i am currently....
1. missing her so much. sometimes i just want and need her around.
2. loving this shower gel. no need for perfume after using this heavenly scent.
3. thankful i don't have to drive in the snow. {be safe, utah friends!}
4. wondering about this whole vine thing. i'm slightly intrigued and confused.
          *insert all of your thoughts on this topic here. i'm curious what you think.
5. learning to love water. unfortunately, it's not my favorite.
6. wishing there was a "slow down" button for life. it's passing too fast.
7. craving greek yogurt. it's a toss up for whether this one, or this one is my favorite at the moment.
8. wondering why i seem to overbook myself, when being super busy seems to stress me out. 
9. obsessed and addicted to my fireplace. a fire every morning is a necessity nowadays. 
10. in the mood for lots of t.v. this is so out of character for me. 

tuesday is already here, just like that.
thank goodness monday is over- it was a long one.
i'm currently wishing this week goes by quickly.
to help the time pass- i plan on catching up on all of your cute blogs,
so i can stay current with what your darling lives consist of.


  1. I'm addicted to my own fireplace so I understand what you're going through. :)

  2. i love fires-to me that is 'home' (as in my parents house).

    Today has been a loonngg day for me -atleast tomorrow is Wednesday...ourworking weeks are from Sunday to Thursday here...so nearly the weekend!

  3. seriously thankful its tuesday.
    so over snow.
    not sure which is worse, walking in the snow or driving in the snow. either way, help! haha

  4. I miss my mom too! :( lovely pic!

  5. Ooooo I love that Juicy perfume, I bet the body wash smells amazing!

    Vine is kind of weird...I honestly got dizzy watching the videos. And I've heard that they need to work on their regulations and privacy...apparently some nasty stuff has been showing up on people's feeds. I deleted mine. I figured I didn't need another form of social media & I wasn't that in love with it.

  6. We have been using our fireplace everyday this week as well ...so cozy :) I miss my mom too... such a pretty pic

  7. How have I gotten so far behind on your blog?! I totally get you on the overbooking yourself thing. No is just not a word I am accustomed to.
    Hope you are doing well.

  8. You should try "Greek Gods" yogurt, probably the best I've had since Bulgaria.

  9. Is that your mom? I miss my mom too. I was just home for a week with my 2 month old and got so used to seeing her face every morning!

  10. You are so beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jessica Chastain? You remind me of her so much!