Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend hangover.

happy monday.
today marks the first day of spring semester for me.
i'm a little excited, anxious and already stressed at what's to come-
{meaning the homework, making room to study and an amplifying the word busy in my life}
but for now, it's still a happy monday.

our weekend was a lovely one.
a busy one indeed, but that's nothing new-
tons of rehearsal for me, a much needed dinner date night- just us two, 
a gossip girl marathon {should we be ashamed? good, because we're not.},
a little church, hung out with some of our favorite friends,
downton abbey- of course {yes, i'm still crying over sybil.},
and some very anticipated play time with mowgli.

how was your weekend?
tell me something good.

meanwhile, february is quickly approaching.
i'm feeling the need 'heart attack' my house.
i'm beginning to brainstorm which diy/crafts i'm wanting to tackle. 
do you have any suggestions?
i have one in mind- which, i'm hoping to share with you later this week.
so, please stay in touch, so we can share projects.

since monday is typically a long and dreaded day,
 i better say it one last time...
happy monday.
let's make the most of today.

p.s. i'm well aware that my legs need to see the sun.
although- a sun tan, mid season for a ballerina, is a big "don't you dare".
so please, bear with me.
come may, my legs and the sun will have a joyous reunion. 


  1. My spring semester starts tomorrow and I know how you're feeling. Although, I'm living in Italy so it's not too bad. haha

  2. Love Downton Abbey! Your skirt is sooo gorgeous!

  3. yay! have a wonderful first day! (and semester:) sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend. i'm just starting my third week of school now.. though i don't feel 'back in the groove' quite yet. especially today - weekend brain! happy monday:) xo

  4. ahhh so jealous, we've been in school for 3 weeks.
    also free paint swatches, thats what i suggest. then go from there.


  5. sounds like a nice weekend! cute outfit!

  6. I love the outfit... especially the skirt. so pretty.
    I've been on a de cluttering kick..
    good luck with school

  7. Happy Monday! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I'm still mourning the loss of Sybil. Silly writers. There's no reason to have killed her off. :-) Also, I totally wish I lived somewhere I can show my legs in January. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. okay 1, love that joel watched gg with you. 2, love the link to 3, HOW SAD WAS DOWNTON? best character gone. 4. please share your valentine craft, i need some decs!!!
    5. missing you and want to play again SOON! xo

  9. Love the Skirt and Top! Spring? It snowed over 10 inches last night! Sometimes I really miss Mo town! I need a dinner date too... we went to sizzler with the girls... pulling out valentines stuff this week! Miss ya, xoxoxo

  10. downton abbey was so sad last night! but its sounds like you had a fantastic weekend :) i spent my saturday at the beach (with sunscreen, of course)--a little cloudy but still worth it! i say, keep your porcelain skin, it's beautiful and safer :)


  11. Love that top!
    I had a pretty hectic weekend, but was able to catch up on some Pretty Little Liars so that made up for it :)

  12. WEll, for project time... these printables and rolled paper heart have gone like wildfire on pinterest for me! Crazy! Check it out...
    I'm posting some other projects this week. Can't wait to see yours!
    Big weekend story for me was a photoshoot.

  13. Good Luck with the semester! I've just started a semester too and I am already looking forward to the end.


  14. i want to heart attack my house too! there's just not enough time in the day!