Friday, January 25, 2013

let's get dolled up.

let's talk makeup, shall we?
makeup is such an individualized thing.

my observation of makeup and women:
-some women don't dare step foot outside without completely being done-up,
while some women won't step foot in the makeup department. 
-some women load, cake and pile it on,
while other women wear barely any.
-some women swear by their favorite brand and never branch out,
while some women go from one trend/brand/product to the next eagerly.
-some women go for a bold, bright, daring and "out there" look,
while others stick to nude, subtle and "i'm not really wearing makeup" look. 
-some women spend hours practicing that perfect cat eyeliner
while some women don't even know what a liquid liner is.

where do you fall into place?
are you someone who can't imagine life without makeup?
or are you the type to give "el natural" it's definition? 

by the looks of the picture above you might have an assumption
of my obsession or love for makeup.
let's face it, it's true.
however, you may be surprised- because you have slightly been fooled.
yes, i do love makeup- the colors, the trends, the creativity, the product itself...
everything about makeup fascinates me.
however, and it's a big however,
i myself don't wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis.

my daily ritual and the three items i swear by:
a dab of mascara, blush {always!} and a bold lip.  

but, who's to say i can't live on the 'wild side' occasionally, and get all dolled up?
which, explains the shopping splurge pictured above.
{don't worry, it's not all for me. my mother and friend participated in the splurge as well.}
besides, in my opinion, a girl can never have too many lipstick colors.

since i haven't already asked you a million question in the post {ops, sorry!},
one last important one:
if you had to pick three, and only three, items of makeup to wear 
for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
i'm hoping to get a good makeup/product review out of your answers. fun, right?!
so, be specific and detailed- pretty please! 

meanwhile, it's time to be a girly girl and pull out that makeup.
go on, glamour up- it's the weekend!


  1. I'm definitely more of a natural gal, my face doesn't hold heavy makeup nicely -- at all for some reason. Though I wish it did because I would wear a bold lipstick here & there.

    If I had to pick only three makeup items to wear for the rest of my life it would be the original cherry Chapstick (gotta' keep the lips soft), any BB cream (I have tried many brands & I love them, they also have SPF -- gotta prevent those wrinkles =]) & of course my favorite mascara of all time: the CoverGirl Lash Blash Fusion (it's the best one I've tried).

    So yeah, a cherry chapstick, a BB cream & a mascara :) I think I can do with that.

    XO Charlene Zale

  2. Most days I try to wear minimal make up: BB cream, a little bit of browser and blush, mascara, and some nude(ish) lip color. I am also a big believer than not one make up brand has it all; I rely on MAC for vibrant eye and lip colors, Estée Lauder for foundations, NARS for blush & bronzed and Christian Dior for mascara. If I had to choose three things it would have to be mascara, lip gloss, and blush-I feel like that combined they make you look pulled together.

    Haute Child in the City

  3. I'm usually more natural except when it comes to concealer because of the dark circles under my eyes. However, lately I've thought that I need to dress up a little bit more. My poor husband haha! Cute post!

  4. Soo excited for my new blush! Can't wait, it's like Christmas again! My three faves are, like you, blush {top fave} mascara, and lip. We must be besties.. ;)
    Love you

  5. Ooooh, only three is tough! I'd choose powder, bronzer and mascara. And can I cheat and add in Burt's Bees? Just the plain one is fine with me :) I also love make-up though! I think I fall in the middle of those two categories. I love it and love wearing some bright eye make-up sometimes, but I'm also totally OK with not wearing hardly anything for a couple days in a row... So yeah, I'm definitely somewhere in the middle of all of this :)

  6. that is more makeup than i have ever seen in my entire life.
    im definitely one of those girls that just doesn't understand makeup. all i own is mascara, a powder, a little bit of cover up and one tube of lipstick. however i'm almost out of powder and haven't had to buy any since my sophomore year of high school and don't know what to do, help! haha.


  7. I swear by Bare Escentuals; it's the only brand I use. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my uncle works for the company and I get it all for free... haha. Yes I know. ANyway. My FAVORITE cant-live-without-it items are the same as yours: mascara, blush, and lipstick.

    Mascara: Buxom Waterproof (because you never know when I'll burst into tears haha) mascara in black {here}
    Blush: Buxom True Hue blush in "Swept Away" {here}
    Lipstick: Pretty Amazing lip color (magical lipstick that goes on like gloss) in seriously any color; I tend to stick to "Strength" (red) or "Ambition" (fuchsia) {here}

  8. 1. Bare Minerals foundation
    2. Mascara-duh! Right now I'm in love with Loreal Millions of Lashes! I just posted about it recently!
    3. A Liquid Liner- My fave is Urban Decay 24/7. Lasts all day and goes on (and off) so easily!
    *does chapstick count?
    Fun post! I love hearing about beauty products!

  9. three things?....hmmmmmm....mine would prob be blush, eye shadow and mascara. but then again i look pretty "un-dolled" with out my lipstick. ;) but i could definitely live without lipstick because i don't always put it on.


  10. How cute are you? Thanks for stopping by!
    I'm following you now!
    Fellow dancer! Are you still dancing? I'm a modern dancer.
    So glad to meet you!
    LMK if you want a my makesstuff site is still a little sketchy, gotta get it rockin'!

  11. three is easy: my neon yellow tube of mascara, chapstick and face moisturizer. If you don't count chapstick and moisturizer as chapstick, i would substitute my mac red lipstick and liner because i love red lips now and again!

  12. Ahhh can you take me on a makeup shopping splurge?? ;) Looks like you're gonna have tons of fun with all of that!

    My 3 items would be: foundation, mascara & lip color

  13. I am a lot like you on this one :) I LOVE make-up, but don't wear a lot of it myself.
    You inspired me to go buy a new lipstick. I know where I'm headed when I get this homework done! :)

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  15. k i'm not even way into makeup, and this picture is making me jealous! i love mac.