Tuesday, January 22, 2013

wishing vs. reality

happy tuesday.

somedays {or everyday} i spend time on pinterest, blogging or surfing the web
and come across millions of ideas, recipes, crafts, beauty tips, fashion inspiration, etc. 
sometimes it's overwhelming;
because i want it all or i want the time to do it all.
perfect example: the pictures above.
1. i adore those patterns,
which leaves me wishing i had a closet full of tons of variety.
{just so you know, here's where to find that lovely blouse and skirt.}
2. i love her arm candy,
making me crave trends, colors and layering. 
3. her natural curly hair?
 i simply long for.
4. a bold lip with natural looking makeup.
her skin is beautiful.
yes, chances are it's photoshopped, but still- 
i want that flawlessness and glow.

call me crazy, because i probably am.
i'm not being negative or ungrateful for what i have, in the slightest.
i'm just wishing that sometimes, 
the web's contents, were my reality.
if only i could snap my finger, and have
1. a home full of all those wonderful diy projects. 
2. a cookbook composed of all my "must try" recipes .
3. better yet, a table full of an already made delicious feast.
4. a closet that goes on for days; 
clothes all neatly organized and too many shoes to choose from.
5. every lipstick and nail polish color on the market.
the list goes on....

but, then i snap again- and realize my reality is pretty darn good as it is. 
and deep down, truly, i wouldn't change a thing.
so, that's why i justify all this wishing and wanting.
it's all temporary, where as the things in "real" life
are with me and a part of me forever.
that's why, i must never ever take things for granted.
especially, the people and blessings that surround me.
an even bigger especially, to never taking lovebird for granted.
 because no matter how many pinterest photos i can turn into my reality,
none of it would be a reality without him.

so, since we are all entitled to wishing and wanting-
let's do it together and live in happy-ever-after-pretend reality.
follow me on pinterest and i'll follow you.
we can share all sorts of ideas. 
how fun. 


  1. I think you are completely right. I too read other web pages and blogs and wish I had just a piece of it or their life, yet I am so grateful for what I have. And we need to remember the little things in life. However I have to admit I am slightly jealous of you doing what sounds like your dream job as a ballerina. I think this is my only regret in life that I haven't managed to find what I'm searching for, but I will continue

  2. I can completely relate, but I'm so blessed and it's so silly to forget how lucky I am.

    Loving your blog! From South Africa


  3. you won't believe it but I was thinking the same just yesterday! about how fashion magazines, blogs and pinterest make you ambitious and leave you frustrated :S they should categorize in "for poor, regular or rich people" hahaha

  4. Such a wonderful thing to bring to light. As gorgeous and addictive as pinterest and other blogs are, they can really make us think in excess. We don't necessarily NEED all of those things. They're beautiful and great inspiration, but it's nice to remind ourselves that we have it pretty good. Thanks for this beautiful post :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. i so agree with you!!
    That picture is perfect!ohhh pinterest...

  6. I totally agree. It's fun to dream of different things in life.. but I wouldn't change my beautiful life. xoxo

    my pinterest: www.pinterest.com/shawneer :)

  7. There sure are some pretty things on the internet, but I'm pretty happy with my real life, too! :)

  8. you are so adorable. I find myself wishing that myself! unfortunately i'm a serious cheapskate and can't spend money to save my life.. but my "lovebird" keeps me grounded and reminds me why i don't need all those worldly things, just him and i and our little pups are enough.

  9. Don't worry about what you are feeling. That means they have done a great job, you know ;)
    Be sure that this is just a photo, a dreamy one, and nothing more. Once the lights go out, most probably, that girl is dreaming your life!

  10. I agree with you 110%...you see things online and wish, wish, wish...but if you step back and take a look at your life from the outside...you realize you have it made just the way things are.


  11. You are so right. Life may appear to be better online, but our own lives and reality is where we all belong. Thanks for reminding me of this.

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  12. I feel like a ton of us go through those same thoughts and have to take a step back. I know I do!