Wednesday, January 23, 2013

date night.

you know it's going to be a good week 
when date night falls on a tuesday.
a date night in the middle of the week?
that's unheard of over here, in our neck of the woods.
{we have my late night rehearsals to thank for that one.}
canceled rehearsal for me + no homework for lovebird + a tuesday night =
a very rare occasion and the perfect excuse to have a date night out.
we headed to the theater to see the
{directed by rasta thomas}
holy cow... amazing! i seriously loved every second of it.
from there dancing, expressions, stamina, six packs {or rather 12 packs},
talent, artistry, diversity and energy---
i was blown away.
being a dancer myself, i can be very critical without even trying.
but, tonight- i thoroughly enjoyed myself, all critiques left at the door. 
when i asked lovebird to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10,
he gave them a solid ten.
take his opinion or leave it- but, i'd say he's quite experienced in the dance world, now. 
or at least i like to think that i've taught him well. 

we had a lovely night out- if only i could go see it again tomorrow.
i'll take any excuse i get, to throw on a dress, fur scarf and put feathers in my hair.
besides, it's always nice to be in the audience watching for a change.
as much as i love being the performer, 
it's always good to be the observer every once and awhile.
i'm completely inspired at the moment. 

so, here's to having an inspiring wednesday!


  1. love date nights! this sounds like a very memorable one!

    you look gorgeous!

  2. unexpected dates are the best! you looked lovely!
    glad you had fun

  3. you are adorable and that sounds so fun!
    ahh tuesday night date night, jealous.


  4. i've neer heard of that before! is it an indie film?

  5. k, i just read this post and the post before and you seriously are as perfect as anyone you see on pinterest! you are darling and i absolutely love your blog girl!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!!

    I think I could see a dance show every night & never get tired of it. Since I don't perform anymore, it's my way of reminiscing. Although, sometimes it makes me really sad that I don't perform anymore. =(

    I think my boyfriend & I need to make a trip to SF to see your company dance. =)

  7. cutie pie! love weeknight date nights..and your outfit..and you!

  8. your hair is nothing short of lovely!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I am also loving your blog. I'm a new follower :)


  10. Aww date nights are the best!!

  11. Wow, I would LOVE to see them! I am a dancer as well, so I love a good dance performance. and that you went there as a date? Awesome! Definitely going to have to make sure that my future man will be okay with going to dance performances too ;)

  12. I love your hair-do!! :)
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    Lots of Love
    Chic Factor Team