Tuesday, February 5, 2013

some days.....

{source. lyrics from this song.}

some days...
some days you just don't have time to blog.
today is one of those days; and that's because,
some days you need to go to bed or you need to wake up early;
which is a result of
some days being too overwhelming, busy, jam packed or exhausting.
you come home ready to throw in the towel, when
some days you realize life is a gift.
some days are better than others.
some days are longer than others.
some days are harder than others... and
some days you just need a chocolate chip cookie.
let's face it- we all have those days,
where we just don't get to everything we want to, because
some days simply aren't long enough to accomplish every single thing
our heart desires. which is why,
some days every day i'm thankful that lovebird reminds me
that as long as i'm giving it my all, there will be no regret.
some days i want to disagree with him- and prove i can do it all.
but, then i am humbled and remember that
some days, and only some days he is right. {well, at least about this. ;)}
and that is why, at the close of
every day, i can crawl into bed with him and thank him for loving me endlessly.
regardless, of the "some day" i just went through.

every day is a gift.
use it wisely.


  1. So true. All of this. Absolutely love this post. We all have those some days.

  2. Beautiful! And done days I need 5 chocolate chip cookies:)

  3. Such a uplighting and insightful post. Needed to read that today.

  4. beautiful and thoughtful! thank you for sharing :) so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower :)