Tuesday, February 12, 2013

theater week.

{milano photography}

theater week is here in full swing. 
this week, is what we ballerinas, like to call "theater week".
it's basically the week we move out of our own homes, 
and into our dressing rooms at the theater.
this means that i'll be spending more time at the theater than at home.
which also means, i'll spend more time in my pointe shoes than time in lovebird's arms.
it means late nights, sore feet, hair tight in a bun, stage makeup,
long rehearsals, costumes, caffeine, epsom salt baths, hairspray and color days.
as long and hard as the week may seem to go,
it's always all worth it, the second the curtain flies up on opening night.
the thrill, the excitement, the nerves and the joy-
completely erases the pain, aches and tiredness from an exhausting week.
being a performer is magical and it's often times indescribable.
a performance is when my passion for this art is amplified and showcased.
it's almost surreal.
it's always hard work- even in the moment you are dancing your heart out.
but, it's that moment when you succeed the challenge of it all on stage,
because after all, it only counts on stage.
and that right there is a hard truth-
as ballerinas we work so hard for so long- preparing for a single moment to shine.
we are given one chance to make it count.
not to mention, that one time is on stage, under pressure and in front of an audience;
but, that's the thrill of it all. 
this ballet world, is a crazy world we live in.
i love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.
this week will be a busy one- one that will leave me away from my computer.
so, please know that my lack of posting is a result in me not being "home" for the week.
plus- i have special guest coming into town for the show-
and of course they will get every ounce of my attention.
i'll do my best to post- but can't make any promises. ;)

happy tuesday
cheers to the long, but exciting week, ahead of us all.


  1. I would love to photograph you! Just sayin'
    Well said. Dance is so personal... no one can make you better, you have to push for it. No one can give you the heart... you have to have it... You give your gift to an audience for a few minutes of pleasure. They may or may not remember your moments. But, still you dance on... why? It's your spirit, your soul.
    Enjoy this week. Wish I could watch!

  2. Such a beautiful photo of you!

  3. look at that back girl! I used to dance so this beautiful words really get me! no such feeling in the world like the second the curtain goes up! love it!
    enjoy your theater week :)

  4. Good luck. I wish that I was a dancer. It looks so beautiful and wow, what a work out!

  5. this picture is amazing elease!

  6. i really love this. i've always loved hearing about ballerina's & dancer's lives since i wanted to do ballet when i was little. i am just in awe of the talent and the work that goes into it.

  7. ahh good luck you little ballerina! wish we could come watch you sometime! xoxo

  8. so exciting! hope it's an amazing week. :)