Monday, February 11, 2013

birthday boy.

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y 

dear crewser:
 i can't believe you are 20. 
you are growing up way to fast, which is perfectly fine for you.
but, for me, it makes me feel old. 
{so please, stop it. or simply slow down.}
you are in another country, which makes it impossible 
for us to celebrate your big day together.

however, let's pretend you lived next door. 
this is how it would go:
1. we'd start the day off with a big chai frappuccino- your favorite.
2. we'd walk home laughing about who knows what- 
because we always laugh about anything and everything when we are together.
or rather, you are always making me laugh. 
3. we'd come home to find midge patiently waiting for us,
 with a pile of presents for you-
because we all know that she loves you the most.
{or at least she does on your birthday.}
4. you'd open your gifts which would include, all things utah and sport oriented,
 a new pair of converse and a rubik's cube.
{or at least those would be the gifts last year's crew would get.}
this year, midge is sending you a few new white shirts, new socks, 
books on the gospel, and giving you money to treat yourself to a new suit.
5. dad would be begging to spend every second with you-
whether that meant sitting on the couch or playing a round of golf.
we all know he loves you too much.
you are his favorite child, no matter what the day is.
6. we'd spend the day doing something fun, crazy and adventurous-
because with you, there is never a dole moment in life. 
7. you'd pick your favorite restaurant to go to for dinner. 
if your taste buds haven't matured too, i'm guessing you'd pick
pizza limone, crown burger or cafe rio.
the brothers would of course make fun of your selection 
in what they'd consider a 'crapy' restaurant.
8. we'd race home for a delicious dessert; probably a big slice of chocolate cake.
not forgetting a big scoop of ice cream.
9. the day would be over just like that;
you'd be 20 and i'd be wishing we could stay this young forever.
10. we'd all go to bed thankful that you are 
the caboose and 'accident' of the family.
because, let's face it crew, you are everyone's favorite. 
then, you know me- i'd sneak into your room and lay on your bed and
"accidentally" fall asleep while we lay there talking about life. 

i'm so glad we are best friends.
even when you are thousands of miles away.
your birthday marks 20 years- 
and i'm hoping it is the happiest birthday you'll have.
and how can i forget that your birthday also means one more thing...
it means your one year mark 
is just around the corner.
i'm beyond excited for that day,
because that day will mark the beginning of my countdown 
to when i get to see you next. 
then, we won't have to do any pretending.
we will celebrate your two birthdays, the two christmas' and all the holidays 
in between that you missed-  the minute you get home.
you may even get a celebration dance from yours truly, 
the second you step off that escalator in the airport. 
actually, i'm guaranteeing a dance.
i'll be that excited. 
until then crew, happy birthday.
i miss and love you dearly. 


  1. This is a beautiful post to your sweet brother.

  2. so sweet. happy birthday to him! and i was gonna say that means almost one year mark! haha.