Friday, April 5, 2013


{source unknown, sorry!}

life has been full of emotions lately; 
each one seeming to be so exaggerated.
i'm not a dramatic person, nor do i want to be one.
but, my emotions have secretly warped me 
into this dramatic person all of a sudden.
a different dramatic: dramatic with myself, not with others. 

some mornings i cry on my couch as i think about certain struggles.
however, five minutes later i find myself crying tears of happiness
as i realize just how beautiful my life really is.
lately, i seem to get easily annoyed by lovebird's daily teasing,
but in the next minute- i'm begging for those flirtatious 
teases, because they make me so giddy.
confusion and a tad bit of fear, seem to have made a home in my head.
however, at the exact same time, my gut assures me that
 i've never been more certain.
some times, the normal tasks in life seem like chores, 
because i feel unmotivated.
but, other times i am bursting with purpose and determination
 to succeed in the simple tasks of life, because there is great joy in doing so.
some days i call my mother to vent for hours,
other days i want nothing more, than to remain silent
lately, the future and the unknown have been beyond intriguing and exciting.
i'm happy and hopeful to see the coming months unwind.
although, that unknown factor leaves me quite anxious, 
as i am reminded that uncertainty can leave me feeling scared

the only emotion that remains constant and 
is always exaggerated is love. 
that's when i remember that no matter the emotional day i experience,
whether for the good or for the bad,
i have someone to love and that someone loves me back.
this fact alone has saved me from all those unwanted emotions.

my urge to fight this exaggeration in my emotions has suddenly dwindled.
why? because letting them run wild in my head has been eye opening for my heart. 
i've come to see so many things and made big decisions.
i've realized emotions are very real.
they are telling, unavoidable and informational.
they make an appearance without you asking them to,
and that's how you know they come from the heart.
call me dramatic if you please-
but, dramatic or not, i'm embracing this exaggeration in emotions,
because they surely are giving me a ride on life's biggest roller coaster. 
and that ride is quite a thrill. 
life is quite a thrill. 


  1. beautifully written! i often feel the same way. i enjoy being a passionate person :) xo sara

  2. beautiful words. and oh girl, i'm right there with you. sometimes i find myself so frustrated for *feeling* so much, but i honestly wouldn't change it. i love being a deeply passionate person who yes, may think of feel things deeply.


  3. This is such a beautiful post! I'm such an emotional person that I always have to try to reign it in! x

  4. It is so reassuring to know that there is always somebody that will love us no matter what! Praise God for his unending love!