Thursday, April 4, 2013

little snapshots

little snapshots of life lately:
-we seem to wind up in san francisco just about every weekend lately.
-a good friend, delicious desserts and lifetime memories.
-lovebird's favorite thing on the planet: bubble tea.
{he's even willing to drive and hour just to get one. pathetic, i know.}
-daffodils are just as common of a purchase as bread and milk lately. 
-don't let the trendiness of macaroons deter you; they are delicious. 
-did i mention we practically live in san francisco? 
one of these weekends, we'll stay put.
-my handsome lunch date. boy, he's a keeper.
-long walks have become a daily ritual for mowgli and i. 
it's our bonding time, i suppose. 

thank goodness for the little moments in life.
but, even more so for the camera that captures a memory forever.

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username: eleasejane


  1. girl, does this mean we can meet up in San Fransisco?? We are going to be living right outside the city during our internship period because we are too poor. what city are you guys in?? i need to see you!


  2. Love your pics looks like a great weekend!

  3. how funny daffodils are just as common as buying milk and bread this time of year too. that photo of macarons have me craving them now, yum!

  4. I just found your blog and love love it. following now. Your life looks so beautiful...instagram has an amazing way of making that happen, though.

    Amanda Rose

  5. mmm those macaroons look tasty.