Friday, September 6, 2013


friday is here at last.
it's been a long week. i repeat, a long one.
i think i'm still adjusting to lovebird's new school schedule
{aka: him being gone quite a bit}
and to this baby bump that seems to be growing rather quickly.

being pregnant is a beautiful thing.
emotions are extreme.
stares, comments, looks and questions from strangers are unexpected.
i like it, though.
baby shopping is out of this world.
i thought i had a shopping addiction when it came to my clothes;
i'm telling you right now, this baby of ours will be a spoiled one.
cravings are realer than real.
{cheeseburgers, pancakes, fruit and bran muffins are the recent ones.}
change takes on a new dimension;
both physically and mentally.
anticipation is at a peak, which makes for an exciting life.
adjusting is a key word lately;
adjusting to a new life style, a changing body, a new schedule,
a new 'profession', a new chapter and the list goes on....

most of all, i'm so thankful to have lovebird to share it all with.
even if he is gone rather often for school.
both baby and i are cheering him on; graduation is oh so close.
we are happy over here that it is friday, the weekend is upon us
and that we get to spend it in our very own home.

have a happy friday.


  1. so pretty and so true!
    I craved cheeseburgers during my pregnancy too ;)

  2. so excited and happy for you my dear! xo

  3. i am so excited for you guys. you are going to be the cutest little mama!
    and graduation, thats a whole other exciting thing!
    lets get together real soon, before I'm employed cause i've got lots of time.
    we are in the east bay, where are you guys at?


  4. First, I want to say congrats on your pregnancy!! Second, you don't have to be pregnant to crave pancakes. I crave them all. the. time. :o) I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

    By the way, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday! It made my day!