Tuesday, November 2, 2010


we took a trip to the pumpkin patch
on the most perfect fall day.

we looked at SO many pumpkins.
some with warts some with multi colors.
and some BIG and some small.

these were the lucky two.
little did they know their guts would be
ripped out and...

that they would turn into these two

{mine is on the left, lovebird's is on the right}

it was a spook-taculor halloween.
couldn't have been better.
we enjoyed it with a scrumptious bowl 
of homemade chili and cornbread;
{carrying on the "carlson" family tradition. yum!}
the house was decorated with
ghosts, spiders and witches galore. 
The air smelt of fall time and brought with it a 
crisp, cool breeze. 
the warmth of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies 
snuck out of the oven and filled our home.
and 'thriller' played in the background, as we cozied up
and snuggled the night away.

hope your halloween was a real treat.


  1. We have chili every Halloween as well. How fun!!! I love reading your blog, and catching up on your new married life!!!

  2. lovvve you. and i need to call you. STILL

  3. Lease.....I love this blog and I love you!