Wednesday, March 30, 2011

days spent missing

ever find yourself in a mood of missing things?
well, i do. frequently. 
maybe that's because i live away from "home". 
which means family, memories and friends are distant.

but i miss more than just that.
i miss cumin. my first dog. 
and while we are on the subject; i miss paco too.
i miss being a child; spending the day dreaming and playing.
i miss school. truly, i do.
i miss having a mother around 24/7.
i miss going on dates. i love being married more than anything
but, you know what i mean... 
deciding who pays for dinner, dressing up to impress, getting butterflies, and a curfew. 
i miss seeing my little primary kids every day of the week.
i miss new york. a lot. period. {i promise i'm coming back.} 
i miss my childhood cherry tree.
i miss having time in the day to read a book. 
i would kill to sit down for an hour just to read. 
i miss my daddy. his snuggles, his scent and his advice.
i miss cream of broccoli soup and red butte garden days with grandma. 
i miss having a piano in my home. 
i miss the days of not having to watch what i eat. where did you go?
i miss drinking iced chai teas.

and i miss a lot of little details that have made up my life.
this list could go on for quite sometime.
but, right now... i miss being lovebird's annoying wife 
who bugs him while he tries to do his homework.
i better get to it. after all, that is my job in life. right?
to bug lovebird too much that he finally gives up in studying
and cuddles with me instead. 

happy hump day friends. 


  1. i miss one of my very best friends being a few blocks away, and our days of old. love you!

  2. blog make-overs? A SINCH! I had a girl help me because I felt totally helpless... but I realize now it's pretty easy. You could make some fun changes pretty easily. I'd love to help if I can! Email me - caitlinmconnolly{@}gmail. I hope you're doing well, I love checking your blog for updates! You and joel are the cutest, I love it!

    Ps. You would fall for albus in a heart beat. He is a little stinker though :)