Sunday, May 22, 2011

twenty two

happy birthday to... me.
i was spoiled rotten this year. 
i am so thankful for all of my fun little gifts.
clothes, being with my mom, scones, shoes and more shoes, 
new curling iron, spa days, a bird day planner, makeup, and the list goes on.
however, one of my favorite birthday gifts was "from" my
sweet father-in-law. check it out.... 
he gave me a little chunk of money, and my mind ran wild.
i bought us new patio furniture!
and of course a handful of pillows.
never can have too many pillows. right jim?
it was a great year. and i'm happy to live the next one.
cheers to being the big 22.

thanks to all of you gift givers and happy birthday wishers. 
i love you all. 

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