Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wish list

alright folks...
i've got spring fever. 
in a good way, of course.
i am craving spring fashion, healthy food and days at the pool.
for starters, i want these two items. badly. 
white jeans and nude pumps.
and the list goes on. {drum roll please....}
new curling iron. a big "fat" one.
a few fresh nail polish colors. pastel please.
speaking of which, i'm dying to get my nails done.
this lip gloss.
i'm on a craze for eating salads right now.
bring on the green leafs!
{this is so not like me.}
more shoes.... wedges to be specific. 
a new crisp white shirt. 
leotards. any color will do.
and a hair cut. again.

oh how i love spring.
these are just a few of the many items i want.
thank goodness for birthdays.
hint, hint lovebird.
j's and k's everybody. 
i'm not expecting anything from him of course.
happy spring.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps you already are aware of ESSIE nail polish. but if you are not, I recommend it highly. They have the cutest colors and it dries sooo fast. It is the best. I just spent like $50 on nail polishes alone.... oh boy! and in case you didn't know this tidbit, It is Chanel nail polish. Essie makes Chanel's polishes soo.. you best be gettin your nails on some ASAP!