Sunday, May 1, 2011

come & gone

this post is way past due. 
but i've got to post about it. 
since time seems to moving too fast lately,
let's hop back to our first easter together...
our fun easter consisted of:
dying eggs, easter baskets and easter trees, eating candy until
our bellies hurt, and
  going over to the miners for a delicious easter dinner. 
what a lovely first easter it was. 
and then... 
lovebird's birthday!
he is officially a quarter of a century old. {yikes!}
 his birthday was nearly perfect.
{minus the fact i had to work all day long.}
he asked for raspberry cheesecake- so he got it. 
along with a massage, skittles, men's health, clothes, flip flops
and money. what a spoiled lucky boy. 

lovebird is happy that we have our own and new easter traditions.
and i am happy lovebird is growing up.
this time of year is always a blast.
cheers to easter bunnies, spring time and birthdays!

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  1. I'm thinking that raspberry cheesecakes sounds dreamy. And btw, your cheesecake choice rose to the top! :) You must be an expert!