Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas is coming....

...the goose is getting fat. 
let the holiday planning begin!
here are some links, helpful tips and ideas.
i'm hoping to use and/or do at least of few of them.

gift giving to men:
we all know that guys are hard to shop for; they don't really need anything, often times don't ask for anything, and getting them the perfect gift (whether big or small) sometimes seems impossible.
click here for a little holiday help. cute stocking stuffers!

christmas crafts:
i want to try thisthis and this cute christmas craft from pinterest.
oh, and maybe this one too.
if only i had the time to make a new craft everyday.
{i love far too many wreaths, i can't possible choose just one to post.}
{also- i'm completely in love with putting ornaments, pinecones, treats, etc. in anything glass.}
there are too so many to choose from.  dang pinterest!

onto food:
how about a hot chocolate bar with these marshmellows?
or why not decorate with food. this is classic. 
fun party punch for all ages.
and how about these with all that left over ham. yummy. 
we all know there are limitless options for holiday sweets out there. 

this is just the beginning...
more is to come, i'm sure of it. 
i figured i better start posting now, or i'll run out of time
to post all of the cute ideas out there for this beloved time of year.
i'm hoping i was able start some brainstorming inside that little noggin of yours.
speaking of "noggin"... 
just wait until i post the best family egg nog recipe. 
and believe it or not- it's eggless. and makes enough for the army! yummy!
i hope you are gearing up for the holidays like i am.
tomorrow the advents already begin.
{am i excited and anxious? yes.}

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