Thursday, December 1, 2011

greetings in december.

goodbye november. hello december. 
goodbye autumn. hello winter.
goodbye turkeys. hello santas.
goodbye leaves. hello mistle toe.
goodbye pumpkin spice. hello peppermint.
goodbye rehearsals. hello nutcracker performances.
goodbye thanksgiving. hello christmas.
goodbye "gobble, gobble." hello "ho, ho, ho!"
goodbye california. hello utah.
goodbye orange and brown. hello red and green.
goodbye junk food. hello cravings for salad. 
{with blue cheese dressing. naughty, i know.}
goodbye stuffing my face. hello arabian costume.
goodbye school feeling calm. hello finals.
goodbye studio. hello tech week in the theater.
goodbye cracked hands. hello lots of lotion and aquifer. 
goodbye milk. hello almond and coconut milk. yummy.
goodbye fall breeze. hello heavy winds.
goodbye never seeing lovebird. hello winter break.
goodbye anticipation for thanksgiving. hello all sorts of christmas advents.
goodbye pumpkin chocolate chippers. hello gingerbread cookies.
goodbye the thought of christmas away from family. hello last minute choice to fly home.
goodbye little brother. hello growing up way too fast. 
{can't believe you are going through the temple already!}
goodbye having to give up diet coke. hello a sip of you in the very near future.
goodbye busy. hello even busier.
goodbye nude nails. hello holiday cheer on the tips of my fingers.
goodbye empty bottles of perfume. hello to hopes santa has me on his nice list.
goodbye november. hello december. 

i'm happy if you want to join in on the fun and do this on your blog.
all i ask, is that you pretty please site it back to my blog! thank you!
remember: it's not nice to steal. santa is watching! 


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