Tuesday, November 29, 2011

picture this:

it seems as though pictures may have a better explanation of 
our lovely thanksgiving weekend than words do.
from top to bottom:
our new favorite pancakes for dinner.
little baby graham tibbs. his cuteness is to die for.
fall cleaning! changing out my summer clothes to fall clothes. 
macy's thanksgiving day parade. santa being the best part.
thanksgiving dinner table at jolene's.
pulling out the christmas tree! time for decorating.
a gift of thanks.
lovebirds on thanksgiving.

so, there you have it.
our weekend was a busy but lovely one. 
{lovebird was working for most of it. including a 12 hour shift on black friday. yuck}
 it was packed full of food, a baptism, christmas decorating, a photo shoot, 
black friday shopping, visiting the tibbs and their baby, more food, studying for a test,
hanging out with friends who we rarely see, church, sleep, and...
did i mention food?
november is nearly over. december is here on thursday.
i'm excited for the holidays and christmas cheer to fill the air. 
until then, happy november.


  1. tiny little babies...so cute even when they are crying.

    looks like you a a fun filled weekend!

  2. Oh man I am jealous that you've got the Christmas tree out already! I wish I was home so I could help pick out a tree and decorate it with my family! :)