Sunday, November 13, 2011

coat closet

i'm going to let you in on a something a little personal.
we have a coat closet. a coat closet that barely shuts.
why? because lovebird has so many jackets.
of course his answer would be that i have too many jackets. 
i've been asking him for weeks to go through his jackets and throw some out.
he still hasn't done it. so....
today upon total frustration{or rather curiosity to see how many coats he has},
i simply asked him for the hundredth time if he'd done what i'd ask. 
he said no... and next thing i know we both went racing for the closet.
as we fought for control of the closet we settled on counting our jackets first
to see who needed to get rid of some. 
i'd be ashamed if i told you the number of jackets we own.
we could clothe several families. which i feel guilty about.
i blame it on the fact that we lived in utah and needed heavy coats,
and now we live in california and need light weight jackets.
heavy coats + light weight jackets= more than enough.

plus, there's a jacket for every occasion, right?
a sweatshirt {or five} to simply hang out it.
a heavy down coat for snowy blizzards.
a jacket to wear on a cool fall day.
a blazer to wear as a fashion statement.
a fleece for comfort and warmth.
a fancy number to wear to the ballet or to church.
an old fashioned pea coat. mandatory.
something knitted. 
a pull over.
a few little-bit-nicer than a sweat shirts.

help us please.
we've counted, sorted, thrown away and settled on the fact
we won't be buying a jacket for quite sometime.
unless, of course, santa {aka midge} brings us one that's irresistible.

p.s. lovebird absolutely loves when i wear his jackets.
especially when i wear them to dance.
and yes, i am being completely sarcastic. 


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm loving yours too! And I totally agree on the jacket from. You can never have too many.

    Maria xx

  2. Every time I go through my closet I feel somewhat guilty...

  3. Reading this post reminded me of my first experience with Sticey boy and his jackets. When we were in the MTC we were heading out of the classroom so I handed him his coat. He looked at me oddly and I thought it was because Elder's were the ones that were supposed to do that... then I realized it was because I had my "mitts" on his coat. :)