Sunday, November 13, 2011

turn life off.

life is full of distractions.
tons of them. big and small.
i'm not a big tv fan. in fact joel and i rarely, if ever, watch it.
however, the computer seems to be a big distraction for me.
i could spend days on pinterest and reading blogs.
i'm going to take heed to this quote and settle in for the night reading.
thanks to my little midge who sent me a thanksgiving package...
i have a new book that anxiously awaits to be read.
title: two from galilee.
she says it is a lovely book. especially when read around the holidays.
if you are in need of a good quick read- go pick it up!
{my mom knows her books. she reads one a day. quite literally.}  
we can have a mini book club online.
happy sunday friends.


  1. That sounds lovely! Me and my hubby have been reading for the past little while tonight and it's been divine!

  2. so so true! its easy to get caught up and forget the simple things, like reading a book. i will have to look with one up and give it a read :)