Tuesday, November 22, 2011

congratulations {overdue}!

i'm slightly embarrassed that i'm just now getting around to
posting about lovebird's new job.
{which isn't so new anymore.}
he got a job at apple! {insert cheer here}
lovebird was born to work for apple.
either that- or he was born to own too many of their products. 
this job was a match made in heaven.
he has loved everything about it.
his new friends, learning the "secrets", exploring the products, and so much more.
the only thing he has hated:
not having time to do his homework.
the hiring process was crazy; and after a handful of interviews and two hiring seminars,
we had the feeling he hadn't made the cut.
but, it turns out he did. 
they loved him. and i'm not surprised. 
the "one" thing i love most about his job: his enthusiasm in coming home
and telling me the new trick he learned. or something fascinating about apple. 
i love the stories about the fun and crazy people he helps.
oh, and of course the perks. period.
the "one" thing i hate: feeling like we never see each other.
that's what we get for having extremely busy schedules on opposite days.
poor planning, on our behalf. maybe...?
oh, and i hate that he has to work on black friday from sun up to sun down.
who is going to decorate and go shopping with me?
any takers?
anyway- we are both thrilled about this job of his.
its always good to work. earn money. and learn.
congrats lovebird! 

picture: the day he found out, i came home with one of his favorite treats:
an orange mango smoothie from starbucks. i customized his drink just a tad. 


  1. Congrats to him! I love how you wrote that on his coffee so cute. May he never grow tired of his new job!

  2. Congrats to him :)
    And thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog.

  3. Adorable!!!!! My husband is looking for a job. It stinks. We're crazy Mac people! Maybe he should try there! Wht store does your hubs work at?!

  4. That's awesome! My husband has interviewed about 3 times at apple and things just haven't worked. I can only imagine how exciting that is for him! Congrats! :)