Sunday, November 20, 2011

discovery of the year.

i about fainted when i walked onto the candy isle to discover....
christmas cadbury eggs.
{what!?!? these exist?}
i adore cadbury eggs.
not to mention, i could devour bags of them by myself.
until now, the only problem with cadbury eggs, is you can only 
find them during easter time. 
not for long! thank goodness. 
i'm anxious to try the christmas ones.
as soon as thanksgiving passes i'll be ripping a bag open.
i'm thinking they'll be my holiday treat as i decorate for christmas.
point blank: this discovery makes me happy.
very happy.

side note: i just dedicated an entire post to chocolate.
am i surprised? truthfully, no. 


  1. Haha this makes me laugh because I just discovered those last year and had the SAME reaction! Oh the little things that get us excited :) Now you don't have to wait until Easter! Following you now :)


  2. i'm working night shifts all weekend and bought a bag to get me through them. they are my christmas guilty pleasure. so glad you discovered them!