Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving my dear friends.
can you believe it is here? {"it" meaning the holidays.}
what a different {yet lovely} thanksgiving the two of us our having this year.
we aren't home in utah celebrating with our families.
{which, we are terribly sad about.}
however, as much as we miss them- 
we are grateful that we are stable, comfortable and happy to be here in our own little home.
we are surrounded by beautiful people; 
who make us feel as though we have the next closest thing to family.
i'm beyond grateful today for many things:
{here's my list as of today:}
the beautiful changing colors of the trees. they symbolize that god is real.
family, period. 
peppermint hot chocolate.
my healthy active body. i realize this is a rich blessing in today's world.
lovebird. in his entirety.
peanut butter. by the spoonfuls.
our little home. it's beyond cozy and truly feels like home.
my loving parents. gratitude isn't a strong enough word for them.
fall fashion. grateful for layers of colors and warmth. {scarves too- my favorite}
my father-in-law.
the ability to dance. its a passion and way of expression.
creating memories and traditions with lovebird.
our roof over head and our bed. {including the 100 pillows on it.} 
candles. especially holiday scented ones.
the gospel. life is complete because of it.
red shoes. and red lipstick.
the glasses of ice water lovebird brings to my bed stand each night.
my brother crew. he's my best friend. 
{check out this post and this post from him.} 
perfume. oh, how i'm addicted.
hugs and compliments from unexpected people. 
adventures in unfamiliar places.
moments captured by a camera. 
phone calls regularly from my brother bret. and our relationship.
people who say please and thank you.
desserts of all sizes, kinds, textures, and calories.
did i mention lovebird already? 
i'm thankful for the gift of life 
and all that it entails

i hope you all have a wonderful day full of nothing but turkey, relaxation,
friends and family and a whole lot of pumpkin pie. 
we've been celebrating this day by watching the macy's thanksgiving parade, taking a little stroll to starbucks for a pastry and a warm drink. Now we are headed to our dear friends home for a yummy and organic feast. what a lovely holiday.


  1. starbucks... peanut butter? yes please! i love them both:)
    happy thanksgiving to you and yours. sounds like you are having a lovely day<3

  2. we watched the Macy's parade too. today has been great and so glad that y'all have had a good day too! loved your list of blessings... :)