Thursday, November 24, 2011


oh, so many things.
today was lovely.
happy thanksgiving
{one last time}
christmas is already knocking at our door.
tomorrow will be spent cleaning and then decorating
for the holidays. 
i'm slightly happy lovebird will be at work all day;
i now have an excuse to craft all day, rock out to christmas music
and splurge by enjoying a nice cold diet coke.
what are you doing?
are you a black friday shopper?
as of now, i'm planning on spending the day inside.
but who knows, i might venture our for a minute. 
probably to visit lovebird on his break. 
meanwhile, anyone have a yummy treat i can bake tomorrow?
or a to-die-for christmas diy project?

i'm thankful for life, love and happiness.
and for days spent at home decorating. 


  1. yes, yes. i went black friday shopping at one a.m. and got back at seven thirty a.m.... stayed up all night *yawn* :D it was fun though! sounds like you are having the most perfect day today and you had a lovely day yesterday<3 i'm so glad. :)

  2. I just came on your blog and absolutely enjoyed reading your posts!! :)