Monday, November 28, 2011

a little thing called busy

...and that about sums it up.
i am seriously-really-so-too-very-just-crazy busy.
it's as though time is disappearing or slipping away.
on top of that, being sick doesn't help.
upset stomach today: requires sleep and a sprite.
being sick has put a damper in my busy schedule.
how am i suppose to get anything done when i can hardly 
keep my eyes open and concentrate for more than five minutes? 
not to mention: i have got to teach piano, study for a huge test 
and go to dance fore 5 hours.
oh boy, the joys of being busy.
{hence the reason the blog has been neglected for the last few days.}
other than business, life is grand.
it feels like christmas in our home.
our cute friends had their baby boy.
and we are making plans for a fun trip.
life is good. just extremely busy. 
hope you're having a fantastic monday.


  1. Eep, I'm in the same situation. Spent the entire day on the couch sick with a sinus infection, even though I have soooo much to get done this week. :( Hopefully we'll both feel better soon and will get to check off some things on our to-do lists!

  2. join the "busy" family is the same way. ;) im so sorry to hear that you have been feeling bad. :( i hope you are back to your normal self soon!

    thanks for the comment on my blog. it made me happy. :)