Thursday, January 26, 2012

wake up slow.

the day started out a little like this...
a yummy chocolate drink midge gave me for christmas.
topped with snowman marshmallows. 
{french vanilla-melt in your mouth-marshmellows}
i'm still in lovebird's pajama's embracing my last morning of freedom.
tomorrow is a school day.
it all starts over again.
am i ready?
yes and no.
yes- because i love exercising my brain and learning. nerd alert, i know.
no- because it's been nice to have time to myself.
{time to wake up slowly and sip on a warm drink.}
and because life seems so less crazy without a commute, classes, and study time.
so, today will be a day of enjoyment and relaxation.
life is beautiful. 
especially when waking up slow to enjoy time, the winter weather and the love of
your life snuggled up next to you in bed.
i guess it's apparent that i took yesterday's quote to heart. 
i'm feeling better already. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect morning!

  2. oh my, did you say french vanilla marshmallows?! because i love the french vanilla hot chocolate, and if they have those flavored mashmallow, i think i'd die.


  3. Hot chocolate and marshmallows are always a great way to start a morning. :)

    Xo, Brielle

  4. So nice to hear, that you want so learn and study at school, it's so rare in these days. !! xx

  5. perfect way to start the morning. snowman marshmallows? amazing.

    1. So happy you found my lil' blog which led me to yours! You have a new follower in me. :)

  6. Beautiful post. Lovely way to start the day. XO Lindsay K

  7. Currently starting my day with cocoa :) What a coincidence. If only it wasn't coupled with homework. Cocoa on its own would be much better :)

    So glad to have found your blog :)