Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend of pictures.

the weekend went a little like this:
1. first day of spring semester. 
{loving it already. i can tell it's going to be a good semester}
2. went to dinner with friends both thursday and friday night. 
{i was oh-so-jealous of leonard's milkshake.}
3. worked on 'decorations' for crew's farewell.
{i'm already getting teary eyed just thinking about him leaving in one month from today.}
4. we gave kramer a bath and cleaned his tank. 
{he is one happy pet now. still our favorite fish. going on 9 months now.}
5. let the fun begin. aka: homework. 
{lovebird's sunday's consist of nothing but doing homework, eating dinner, and kissing me in between.}
6. we got a "valentine's" package from midge. a handmade quilt was inside.
{isn't my mother simply the best? wow.}
7. our little package inspired me to pull out some decorations for v-day.
{need a fun, cute and cheap decoration? fill a vase with heart marshmallows!}
8. dancing in the sunshine after saturday's class.
{as much as i dread going to dance on saturday's, they always seem to be the most fun.}

happy weekend. xoxo.


  1. Good luck with your semester girlie :)

  2. i love the valentine marshmellow decoration idea. my problem would be that i'd probably eat them all :0


  3. Cute,cute decor...marshmallow hearts?Genius!

  4. hey! i can make you a quick button if your interested in putting mine on your blog? let me know?

  5. i don't know how you found my blog but i am so glad you did. i've read through several pages of posts and love your blog. i wish my mom would send me a cute quilt. well, i wish my mom knew how to quilt so i could be a lucky recipient of one of those beauties too. now following...

  6. I love this post!! & p.s. thanks for following me!!! (:

  7. Love your photos! Good luck with this semester!!! :)

  8. what a wonderful weekend. and i have my eye on that milkshake!

  9. I wish I got quilts in the mail!