Sunday, February 12, 2012

another week has come and gone.

this weekend went a little like this:
1. we had a small bump in the road: a miss understanding.
which quickly was made up by going to a chick flick and eating shaved ice.
{chick flick for me + shaved ice for him = one fair trade.}
2. last minute {literally} decided to race home and celebrate valentine's day.
{unfortunately, i have dance until way late on tuesday/valentine's night}
we gave gifts, snuggled and said i love you one too many times.
is that even possible?
lovebird gave me a lovely piece of jewelry; a new charm bracelet.
i gave him a bow tie {a little valentine tradition} and concert tickets.
3. we went to church, took a nap and ate spaghetti for dinner.
my afternoon outfit consisted of: a stripe shirt, lovebird's checkered pj bottoms, 
braided pigtails, my glasses, ugg slippers, and mint green nail polish.
as you can imagine- i looked absolutely dashing.
or you may have thought i looked like pocahontas- because that's what lovebird thought. 
4. like every weekend.... they all end in hours spent doing homework.
gotta love school, right? but ironically, we both do.

i'm excited for the upcoming week.
love is in the air already. 
happy sunday.


  1. I LOOOOOVE that your tradition is to give your hubby a bow tie for valentines!! :D SO cute! I may steal that tradition when I (hopefully) get married one day!

  2. I love the now tie idea! :) very cute! My mister and I had quite the little hiccup this weekend too. Bleh :( that's never any fun!
    xo Heather

  3. awww!! such a cute valentines celebration! you two are so adorable together!


  4. Shaved ice = my love. Raspberry to be exact. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm with you on the homework would be great without homework. Right?

  5. That is a great tradition! Really cool... now, I want some shaved ice.

  6. I hope that Chick Flick wasn't The Vow. I was so excited for it but it was a huge disappointment. :(

  7. very inspiring!!! lovely pics and happy valentines day!

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