Saturday, February 11, 2012

birthday boy.

happy birthday!
you're 19. let's parrrtaaaay!
half of me says you're still a baby. and the other half says you're an old man. 
where has all the time gone?
{you know, when we used to be this big.}
you leave for your mission in exactly 18 days. craaaaazy. 
i'm already panicking over missing you too much, anticipating awesome letters from you,
and expecting you to be a strong cookie out there.
"you're my favorite brother."
{well, at least today you are.}
i love you dearly.
you are my best friend, and will be till' i die. 

i hope you have a happy birthday.
full of cake and ice cream, 19 spanks, and a party with those you love. 

p.s. feliz cumpleaños. 


  1. oh crewser is getting so old. i seriously remember him as the little turd who spat spit wads at me at the tennis club when he was about 5. he was the first carlson i ever knew, funny huh? love him!!

  2. awhh! love birthdays! where's he going on his mission? That is exciting!!!

  3. i hate it when brothers leave for missions. it's so hard!! but so exciting at the same time. happy bday to your brother!

  4. Ahh how sweet :) Happy Birthday to him!!
    xo Heather

  5. Brothers are the best! Mine's only 11 though so he's still a baby ;)

  6. Happy Birthday to your Brother!!!