Friday, February 3, 2012

friday's "grand" events.

1. painting my nails a lovely bright purple. this shade to be exact. 
2. eating a delicious salad topped with fresh strawberries for dinner. 
3. making it through my math assignment without getting a problem wrong.
4. smash booking. the "modern" journal full of beautiful memories.
5. heart shaped sugar cookies. the soft and chewy ones.
6. slipping into heavenly clean sheets. instant smile into relaxation.
7. laughing with friends at the dinner booth long after the resturaunt closes. 
8. holding hands with lovebird. they fit so perfectly.
9. birds. you already know my love for them.
but, you must watch these birds that live downtown. they are truly a sight.
  {watch the whole thing. it's only 57 seconds. you'll be amazed.}
10. feeling completely loved and adored. 
but more importantly, being able to love him back unrestricted by any obstacle of emotion.

{oh, and buying lovebird a little valentine's gift today.} 

these are the little things that composed my friday.
and they are the only things that really matter in the end.
because it's the little things that build the big important chapters and memories in the end.
happy friday.
hope you're having a lovely weekend full of little things.


  1. Salad with strawberries sounds delicious! But then again, ANYTHING with fresh strawberries is good :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I also painted my nails! Geranium by Essie :)

  3. i'm with you when it comes to slipping into clean sheets. it just makes everything better. have a great weekend.

  4. because it's the little things that build the big important chapters and memories in the end.

    that is perfect. I love it.

  5. i love this list. especially the soft cookie part. those are da bomb :)

    thanks for the kind words!

  6. loved your list! wanna follow each other? xo

  7. I always love when a dinner turns into an evening. Meals that last hours? Yes, please!!

  8. EJC all the way! Thanks for the comment back, really means alot to me. Now following you please follow back.