Thursday, March 8, 2012

don't worry, be happy.

{a pair of shoes is usually always on my list. i at least had to include a picture}

ten little things that make me terribly happy {today}:
1. the organic and beyond delicious kumquats i bought at the market.
2. lovebird being on spring break. seeing each other during the day {as opposed to 10, when we both get home at night} makes me feel like i'm actually married to him. so exciting, i tell you.
3. downton abbey. season 1. you're my new nightly obsession.
4. true friends. the ones that you really love and know they love you in return.
5. ikea's cute napkins and straws. they are a staple in our home. we go through them like water.
6. fresh flowers. they always brighten up your day. and they make any room look happier.
7. this quote. why? because i'm a very curious person. just ask lovebird- he laughs at me daily.
8. face time on my phone. i've been having belly laughs with my mom face to face. even though we are 730 miles and 11 hours and 50 minutes away from each other.
9. my smash book. if you don't have one get one! and watch this.
10. heating pads. the cure and relief to being a woman.


  1. these are so cute I love the colour.xx

  2. Love this list! Couldn't agree more with you on downtown abbey and fresh flowers! xoxo

  3. oh gosh, isn't downton abbey just the best?! just adore anna and mr. bates relationship.
    and so jealous that the lovebird gets a spring break. BYU really needs to offer that asap!!
    xo TJ

  4. Cute flats :)
    Hooray for spring break, mine is this upcoming week! So excited!

  5. love these lists! fresh flowers are always fun but i hate when they croak.
    xx jes

  6. I love the pretty girly feel to your beautiful blog! I adore those pretty mint coloured shoes and I have to agree I love having fresh flowers in the house, enjoy your break!

    Lacey xoxo

  7. Fresh flowers make my heart happy!!

  8. Love your blog! Can't wait to see what you have in store for future post! xoxo A-

  9. I love fresh flowers! Whole Foods had some of the most beautiful tulips! And I am loving the flowers that are starting to pop up outside!

  10. you've been tagged on my blog. check it out to find out why?

  11. that quote is SO me too, and i want a smashbook now!! xoxo

  12. cute list! Ikea napkins are a staple in our house too!