Wednesday, March 7, 2012

listen up, gents.

and boy, do i love my gent.
i've caught a good one.
lovebird is the epitome of a gentleman.
by the books, he does all the 'right' things.
you know, those stereotypical gentleman rules:
opens the door for me always.  
says his pleases and thank you's. 
doesn't burp out loud {partly because i won't let him}
walks on the outside of the street. so protective. 
surprises me with kisses, flowers and gifts regularly.
wears bow ties.
is beyond loyal and trustworthy.
can totally rock the 5 o'clock shadow.
tells me i'm beautiful every single day. 
{not joking. even when we both know i look like poo.}
 listens intently to what i'm saying. that's big.
loves sports, but will sit through a ballet.
holds the priesthood and has an unwavering testimony.
is quick to forgive and forget.
supports his wife {that's lucky me} in every circumstance.
looks sexy in pj's and sharp in a suit.
talks of his mother, often. 
{that's when you know you've really caught a good one.}
strong and manly, yet sensitive and emotional. 
obedient and dependable.
and is my best friend.

that's the list of a true gentleman.
oh, how i love him.


  1. aww! Sounds like you have a true Gentleman! I totally make my man go to operas and ballets with me. He never complains, and I secretly think he likes them just as much as I do.

  2. great post, so so sweet!

  3. aww, love this post :)
    he does sound like quite the true gentleman!
    xx jes

  4. Good for you girly! It is so hard to find a true gentleman these days...believe me haha. Cherish it :)

  5. What a good guy! Love this post! You two are an absolutely adorable couple!

  6. It's like the list you make in Young Womens but in REALITY! haha. I love this.
    Oh, Just Livin' the Dream

  7. Sounds like a wonderful guy! Hold on tightly through all the ups and downs. :)

  8. How did you find such a good one?! Please help me out :) haha

  9. rocking the 5 oclock shadow: a must!!

  10. this is so sweet, and i agree with the comment above sexy (;

  11. you sure did catch yourself a good one!! awwwwwwww! you two are so darn perfect, it's amazing!
    and oh boy, you gotta love that 5 o'clock shadow.

  12. love this:) so sweet! and lucky you:) xx

  13. This is so beyond sweet! I recognize a few of those things in my own boyfriend -- and your post only reminded me to appreciate him even more! xo

  14. love this. true gents are definitely the best! such a fun blog. I hope you don't mind that I joined your site. looking forward to following. :)


  15. i LOVE this post. i know it's sort of dead these days but i long for chivalry. i have a crush - well it's much much more than a crush really - on a boy right now who treats me better than anyone i know. he has opened every single door for me. still to this day - everrrry door. and i love it. my favorite part about your list is the testimony and priesthood. true gentlemen love the lord.