Friday, March 23, 2012

my little happenings.

lately i have been...
 going to bed with my hair wet. 
 using clorox wipes like they are going out of style.
eating too many baked goods. 
beyond eager to see the hunger games. 
been chewing dentyne fire "spicy cinnamon" gum. 
{this is very unusual for me. i'm a peppermint girl.}
painting my nails soft colors.
writing lots of letters to all sorts of people in all sorts of places.
factoring way to many numbers in math.
eating fage yogurt with granola for breakfast.
parting my hair down the middle.
booking flights home for summer weddings. 
{yes, plural. several weddings this summer.}
talking in my sleep. or so lovebird claims. 
craving chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
wearing lovebird's clothes to dance.
drinking ginger ale.
speaking bulgarian with lovebird. 
{okay, rather struggling to speak it.}
dreaming of an adventure. a romantic one.
making lovely new blogging friends.
and been welcoming spring in with coral lips. 

what have you been up to lately?
happy friday.
the weekend is finally here. 
{i'm currently jumping for joy}


  1. It is so strange how the smallest things make life so perfect. I love this list -- so sweet and awesome, just like you!

  2. Love this list!!! Hope you lovebirds have a fantabulous weekend! :)

  3. i love this list! all the things i haven't already been doing... i now want to.
    like ginger ale? sounds amazing.
    xx jes

  4. this has become my new bucket list. thank you.

  5. Love how cheerful and spring-ish this post is! =) I've been working on getting over this nasty cold/flu thing... arg. =P

  6. i just bought some coral lipstick yesterday and am SO excited to start wearing it! spring is here! Hallelujah! :)

  7. Wow that was a full week! I just bought coral lipstick last night. Wild!

  8. I am totally pumped for The Hunger Games too!!

  9. YAY for new blogging friends. I love this sweet list. We are going to see the Hunger Games tonight and I can hardly stand it!

  10. hi love. you can never eat too many baked goods :)
    and i just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for an award on my blog.
    nothing huge but i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog and you're appreciated :D

    tiana of l'esthetique

  11. mm..baked goods! I love that you are writing letters. Mail is the most exciting thing on a normal day!

    Happy weekend!

  12. New to your blog! And I go to bed with wet hair everynight. Thank the lord for a hair straightener :)

  13. speaking bulgarian?? what?!?!? you both are just adorable!
    xo TJ

  14. Your just adorable! Loving your bloggy!!

  15. Love the coral lipstick! Lipstick really adds the pop needed for every outfit don't you think? Hmmmm I am thinking adventure to Montreal?
    xxx Have a great weekend!

  16. oh my, all of this sounds completely wonderful!!


  17. What a great list! I've been drinking way too much coke and rocking blue eyeliner :)

  18. хайде говорий ни малко на Български! :)