Sunday, March 25, 2012

our {little} weekend.

happy weekend.
we've been awfully busy over.
a weekend full of dance, work, errands, homework and church.
that's a typical weekend for us.

we were just saying today, that we are in need of a "real" weekend;
the kind where you sleep in until who knows when.
you eat breakfast in bed, 
not feeling rushed to go to dance or work.
one where you stay in your pj's all day until you have to 
get ready for a lovely dinner date out on the town.
where you stay up way too late laughing, talking and sharing gelato.
and finally go to bed because you're eyelids are heavy;
heavy from laughter and exhaustion from play time.
okay, back to reality: 
maybe we'll be lucky to have one of those weekends
once the semester and dance season is over.
our fingers are crossed. and our hopes are high.

although, our weekend was pretty rockin' 
due to one small event....
the hunger games.
we absolutely loved it.
{and feel slightly awesome because we know the director.}
we've been waiting and anticipating this weekend for quite awhile.
we are so happy the movie lived up to all of our expectations. 
did you race to the theater to see it too? 
if not, snap to it- you must see it!
{but, please read the book first. that's a must.}
oh, and do note:
if you get motion sickness easily- don't sit too close.
lovebird had to get up and change seats half way through.
he left me by myself.
which, turned out to be a good thing.
why? because i cried my eyes out a few times-
and he always makes fun of me for being such a girl.
look who's the girl now...
he can't stand a little running through the forest. 
"boom roasted"

have a lovely sunday night.
"may the odds be ever in your favor."


  1. you are stunning! ps. where is cali do you live?

  2. WOAAHH! You know the director?!?! :O

    Love your outfit(:

  3. You look gorgeous! I still need to read the Hunger Games! Everyone has been talking about it.


  4. You are gorgeous my friend :) I too am in need of one of those awesome weekends!

    Hopefully, some day soon we'll be able to :)

  5. I can't wait to see that movie!! And that is awesome that you know the director!

  6. i just got home from seeing the movie! i loved everything about it! i cried be exact...oops! :)

  7. you are too cute. i love your hair. seriously jealous of it.

    also, i would love a weekend like that, but sadly that probably wont happen for who knows how long.

    lastly, we saw the hunger games last night, and it did indeed leave me a little motion sickness. but it was good. we definitely enjoyed it.


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  9. You are GORGEOUS!!
    My hubs got a change up in his work schedule (not cool) and our weekends are now Monday and Tuesday... LAME! I am NOT loving it. But on the bright side... we are going to see the Hunger Games tomorrow! CAN'T WAIT!

  10. beautiful outfit! i am excited to go see the hunger games this coming weekend, glad it has gotten such good reviews from everyone.

  11. you look adorable! You can come live in my house and we will dance, cook and watch AMAZING movies together!

  12. I can't wait to see it! But, I am still waiting to finish the book. Part of it was filmed in my hometown {not as cool as knowing the director but still pretty cool for a small podunk town}.

  13. THAT...sounds like the perfect weekend. Lounging all day and laughing till you cry. Love it.

  14. oh man, I need a weekend like that too. I love how much fun we had this weekend, but it's still nice to just lounge sometimes.

  15. Haha! I agree on the motion sickness! We sat pretty close but I soldierd on and loved it:) very cool you know the director. They did a great job! I'm glad to hear others loved it because my sister in law read the books and loved them but thought the movie was too violent. Not sure what book she read, lol!

  16. i love your floral cardigan. you look gorgeous!

  17. Quiet weekends are the best! You must purposely invest in those weekends! I did get to see the Hunger Games this weekend and we sat too close for this movie! I did feel sick during the entire movie... Sigh... Next movie I will sit in the VERY back row! xoxo A-

  18. Love the lazy, pretty waves in your hair! Beautiful!

  19. you look gorgeous!! love the hair.

  20. Oh I'm excited you said that movie was good- I can't wait to see it! Your date outfit is absolutely perfect- where are the shoes from?

    Enjoy your week and get to work scheduling a "real" weekend :)

  21. WOW. Your blog has really changed and grown since I last visited. It looks grrreat! And your "dream weekend" sounds lovely...I love those kinds of weekends. Hope you get to experience one soon!


  22. Hello there in that dress! That slit up the side- WOO HOO! Your hubby must love that! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  23. I SWEAR I must be the ONLY person who didn't notice the shaky camera! What in the world is wrong with me!? lol
    I LOVED it. Such a good movie.
    I swear that after today I will quit talking about it...

  24. two things:
    1. you KNOW the director of the Hunger Games?! yeah, no big deal! how about when the second movie comes out you snag 4 premiere tickets and we'll all go together ;)
    2. check out those stems! dance has done you good girl! you look adorable as always! still loving that brown hair on you!!
    xo TJ

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so charming, I can't wait to read more. I love those cheetah flats you have a couple posts down :)

  26. You look amazing, again :)

  27. Gorgeous! You simply look stunning. I love these outfit posts!!! Hope you are doing well.