Wednesday, May 16, 2012

just one.

i sometimes find myself wishing for this or that.
i often times try to be like her or her.
i always put a lot {too much} on my plate.
i sometimes feel like i don't see lovebird enough.
i often worry about my appearance way more than i should. 
i always say yes to people. 
{more like i have the hardest time saying no.} 
i rarely break rules. 
i sometimes wish money grew on trees; only so i didn't have to work so much.
i often feel as though i fall short of people's expectations.
{or rather the high expectations i have for myself}
i am a perfectionist.

 life is a gift.
here's the correct way of saying those phrases above:

i am grateful for what i do have. wishing is a good thing.
i am who i am, and lovebird thinks i'm perfect. so that's all i need.
i put a lot on my plate because i love serving others.
we are at a busy stage in life. time with lovebird is bound to come later.
{every minute i get with him now, is truly lovely.}
appearance isn't everything. in fact, in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing.
i need to learn to say no. 
i plan on breaking more rules. 
{as in, i may just have to give into that rebellious streak of mine.} 
money doesn't grow on trees, and for that i am thankful. 
{working for things is vital for true happiness and success.}
i won't lower my expectations. 
but rather be satisfied with what i did accomplish, instead of dwelling on what i didn't. 
i will always be a perfectionist; it makes life challenging, and that i love. 

i am truly grateful for the one life i have been given.
it is up to me to make the most of it. 
today, my attitude about life has been changed forever...
and i'll be certain to act accordingly. 
happy living! 


  1. You have such a great outlook on life! I love the way that you put things! This post is beautiful!

  2. This is exactly what I've needed to hear today! I feel like I'm always comparing myself to others, and it's just not necessary! Love this post, your blog, and you.

  3. Very refreshing, thanks for this! xo

  4. so cute! i needed to hear this today. Love your optimism!

  5. I love that quote! This was very inspiring... Exactly what I needed to read today! xo

  6. Love the positive spin on how so many of us feel...I'm a lot like you, I don't break rules, I worry about looks, and a money tree would be fabulous!

  7. beautiful. i was raised on positive affirmations and these are lovely!

  8. what an inspiration and beautiful post! I too struggle with most of the things you mentioned and I too always fight my way back to seeing the positive. Lovebird sounds like a wonderful hubby to you. It's so nice to have one person who truly loves us no matter what we look like and do. :) Happy Wednesday!

  9. agreed. this post was motivating to embrace each day as if it was my last!

  10. I think about this all the time (and try to convey it to my kids...). Such an important mantra!

  11. So true and jet it´s soo hard the live by. I Have had the same problem and I have tried to be better. But it´s hard.