Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 well, hello there.
since life never gets the hint to slow down,
i thought i'd try to catch you up on our little life via  the quick 
snapshots of our crazy life as of late.

1. jean shirt and ray bans. never can go wrong with either.
2. raisin bread toast. an instant reminder of my grandma duffin. 
3. current read: between shades of gray.
{a quick read; certainly worth it. it's so beautifully written.}
i'm carried away in it's pages. find it here
4. mid air- just proving to my brothers who the real athlete is.
{obviously, a family inside joke}
5. one of our local organic markets. simply heavenly.
6. my graffiti on a chalkboard table. doodling is arguably my favorite hobby.
7. finally let lovebird take me to see the avengers.
i'll admit, i should have gone sooner. it was quite good.
8. i've been craving poolside time lately.
summer feels like it's begun, even though i still have two finals next week. 

there you have it. 
come follow me on instagram and lead me back to your fun pictures.
i can already promise i'll stalk you- as in be your biggest fan, of course. 
{username: eleasejane}

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  1. Beautiful picture of you leaping! Awesome split :)

  2. you two are just THE CUTEST!! :) and woahh!! NICE leap!! (: your beautiful!!


  3. i am excited to see you are reading between shades of gray...i have been wanting to read it for some time now and would love to hear your thoughts when you finish! happy to be a new follower, girl :)

    xo, amanda


  4. instagram is my life. but really.
    chambray and raybans, can never go wrong.
    i want that toast now.
    you are really good at leaping, but really.
    i want all of those flowers.
    and im a doodle addict. hahaha
    you guys are really cute, i haven't seen avengers yet, but maybe a will.
    excited to guest post for you.


  5. Cute pics!! I'm sooooo ready for some pool time too! Summer..,,please hurry!

    Adding you on instagram pronto! :)

  6. Fun pictures! You are quite the doodler ;). xo

  7. Lovely pictures, as always...I seriously need to read 50 Shades of Gray...I've heard so much about it! Adding you to Instagram, my username is SamanthaDobbs

  8. I plan on enjoying some lovely poolside time today! And your organic market looks so cool...I'd shop there for sure.

  9. PErfect READDING...cool book...amazing pics...thanks for sharing.

    XO - MUNICH - LA VIE Quotidienne - www.laviequo.com - SHOP in: http://laviequo.blogspot.com/2012/04/laviequocom-shop.html

  10. love your shades and cute doodles! xo.

  11. I know right! As hard as I try I can never achieve that look surrounded by so many books!
    You look phenomenal mid-air!!
    Good luck to you too!! Motivation is key! and it'll be over in a flash :) Summer here we come!

    Tania xx

  12. Cute photos!!! Loving your shades! I really need to read 50 Shades of Gray! It keeps popping up everywhere! lol


  13. i just love raisin toast...

  14. ah love your hair! so gorgeous & i would love to guest post! :)

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

  15. I love the snap of the organic market! It makes me think... food, summer, pretty dresses and just a good 'ol time. hehe!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  16. Wow that jump is really impressive! How fun it must be to be a ballerina. It's like every girls dream =)

    - Sarah

  17. Very impressed by your athletic ballerina skills!